Haiti volunteering
Terrence Lee collaborated with engineers from Florida to provide consultation to the State University of Haiti in Port-au-Prince to plan the redesign and rebuilding of the campus at a new location.
Terrence Lee is a principal of Terrence Lee Consulting Structural Engineers founded in 2004 and has over 25 years of extensive structural and earthquake engineering design and analysis experience in a wide spectrum of concrete, masonry, steel and timber building structures.
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The State University of Haiti [Université d'Etat d'Haïti] (UEH) traces its origins to the 1820s with the establishment of the law school and the medical school. Since that time, the university has added a variety of other departments and institutions in Port-au-Prince and across the country.  The January 12 earthquake damaged or destroyed much of the university's infrastructure forcibly closing the school and leaving students without an option for continuing their education.  Seeing the need to create a sense of normalcy for students across the country, Jean-Vernet Henry, Director of UEH, contacted FAVACA to help reopen sections of the campus by having structural engineers assess some of the damaged buildings and to create plans and blueprints for a whole new campus.  FAVACA, in collaboration with Florida International University's Department of Civil Engineering, Miami-Dade Public Schools and the Multicultural Educational Center provided first time volunteers Marie-Elsie Dowell, a Miami civil engineer and Vice-President of Parsons Brinckerhoff; Ronald Colas, a civil engineer from Pembroke Pines and the Principal and General Manager of Burns & McDonnell's Florida Office; and Terrence Lee, a structural engineer with Terrence Lee Consulting Structural Engineers in Santa Rosa, California, and a specialist with seismic strengthening and analyst, traveled to Port-au-Prince March 25-28, 2010.  The team of engineers assessed and evaluated the existing buildings for structural damages.  The engineers also evaluated a portion of land owned by UEH to house a new campus and temporary structures to allow for some departments to reopen.  A comprehensive plan to create state of the art and environmentally friendly campus completed by April 12, 2010 and was submitted to funding agencies.